Grief & Loss Counseling


Life hands us many losses.  These can include loss of a partner or spouse, loss of a parent or a child, or loss of any loved person or pet.  We also experience loss in terms of identity, our employment, our home or our independence.  The suicide of a person important to you can lead to especially confusing feelings of grief and anger.  If you value something and it ends or is gone from your life, it is felt as a loss and is often accompanied by grief and sadness.

It was most helpful to have a listening ear to help me affirm what is important in my struggles and feedback regarding those struggles and suggestions for guidance that helped me set priorities for my life.

These are all very uncomfortable feelings.  It can be difficult to eat, sleep or engage in any of your usual activities.  Perhaps you want to sleep too much or eat too much.  Sometimes alcohol or other substances are used in an attempt to ease the discomfort and pain of mourning.  Everybody experiences grief in their own way; there is no right way to grieve.

Samaritan Counseling Center counselors can help you navigate through this difficult and painful process of mourning.  Please contact us today for an appointment within one week.  We have multiple offices and our specialists are ready to support, educate, and guide you through this process.

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