Anxiety Counseling

Perhaps you feel anxious or nervous too much of the time?  Perhaps you have had a panic attack or can’t sleep because you fear the unknown? Do you have irrational fears called phobias?   Social anxiety can impair your ability to interact with others or to do your job.  Severe anxiety can stem from a traumatic event or have no known cause.

I appreciated having someone to listen to me who cared about my total well-being.  I received a lot of excellent help during a very sad time in my life.  The counseling sessions really helped me to survive.

Anxiety comes in many forms and can be disabling and painful.  A panic attack or night terrors  can cause heart palpitations and/or difficulty breathing and even give you a feeling that you are dying.  These feelings can be overpowering and you might feel out of control at times.

A counselor at the Samaritan Counseling Center will work with you to develop ways to cope with these feelings and to reduce their power over your life.  Please contact us today for an appointment. 

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