School Problems

School years can be difficult for children and adolescents.  Children may react to school stressors of bullying and disciplinary or academic problems.   Reaction to these stressors often include:  Enuresis (bed wetting) which is a sign of childhood anxiety, bullying, behavior problems, negative attitudes, fighting, arguing, acting out, and anti-social behavior.

Thank you for being available to the community. I appreciate the consistent services. I look forward to what the future holds for me after this process.

Often teens react to school stress with behavior problems such as under/over-achieving, sexual activity, isolation, anger, and substance abuse.  Failing grades may be a symptom of poor self- image and school anxiety; these may result in disciplinary problems, delinquency, truancy, detention, or suspension.  Lack of respect, self-mutilation, cutting, aggression and withdrawal can be signs of low self-esteem that may lead to binge drinking, Marijuana, other drug use, or teen pregnancy.

Samaritan Counseling Center can help children, teens/adolescents and families to overcome these issues. 

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