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Relationships can be hard.  Families can be complicated.  Marriages, or any partnership, can become stressed, break up, or fail and can lead to a range of negative emotions (such as anger, anxiety, and depression), separation, and even thoughts of divorce.  The home environment can become tense or stressful.

I am very pleased with our progress and the tools given by my counselor. Thank you.

Sometimes family stress begins with the adults and parenting issues; sometimes it begins with troubled kids.  These issues create tension in the home.  Children and adolescents sometimes engage in acting-out behavior, presenting discipline problems.  They can develop behavior disorders, addictions, eating disorders, disrespect toward family or parents, or have trouble in school.  An unhappy home can begin with any family member.

Family counseling/therapy with a clinically trained counselor at Samaritan Counseling Center will provide emotional support and guidance, coping skills and strategies to understand and resolve your specific issues.

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